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Child Support and Alimony/Spousal Support

Attorney Kelly Leighton and Attorney Shannon Murphy Barnes can assist you in obtaining an original child support order or modifying an existing order.  Our office is always on top of the most up to date information with regard to your rights to child support or your right to modify an existing child support order.

The Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines are used in many cases in order determine a child support amount.  However, the determination of the amount can vary based upon the circumstances of each case, the amounts and sources of income, as well as other factors.  Some income can be excluded from child support based upon the history of the family's finances.  It is important to have an advocate by your side to guide you and ensure that the child support order you receive from the Court is fair given the circumstances of your case.


Call Attorney Barnes or Attorney Leighton today for a consultation or a review of your existing child support order.



Massachusetts recently enacted the Alimony Reform Act of 2011, a sweeping overhaul of alimony law.  The new law provides a framework for both the amount and duration of alimony awards, and provides for such circumstances as retirement and cohabitation.  In addition, the law creates new categories of alimony, such as rehabilitative, reimbursement, and transitional alimony, which will allow for support orders to be tailored to individual circumstances.  These dramatic changes become effective in March 2012, and will govern the payment of alimony for all future orders, as well as provide a basis of modification for many existing alimony orders. Attorney Kelly Leighton served on the Legislative Task Force on Alimony Reform, the group that examined the issue and drafted the proposed legislation.  Call our office to schedule a consultation concerning your alimony case.