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Custody/Parenting Plans

For most divorcing parties, what will happen with regard to parenting the children following the divorce is a primary concern. These decisions are often very emotional and in the wrong hands can be extremely acrimonious.  The Salem, Massachusetts law office of Barnes and Leighton can guide you through these matters with compassion and sensibility. Attorney Barnes and Attorney Leighton will first and foremost ensure that they have knowledge about your children and what their needs are.  The attorneys at Barnes and Leighton will assist you in negotiating a parenting plan that will reduce the stress of the divorce on the children and will ensure that the children's needs are met.

Often parties are concerned about the labels attached to parenting plans, such as legal custody, physical custody, visitation, parenting plan, and parental responsibility time. The attorneys at Barnes and Leighton will educate you with regard to these terms and ensure that the end result meets the needs of your family.