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Deciding to divorce can be a difficult and emotional decision.  The idea of going to court likely makes you nervous and like most people, you are probably unsure where to begin.  If you are contemplating divorce in Massachusetts the Law Office of Barnes and Leighton offers an affordable divorce consultation to guide you through your options and educate you on what to expect from the divorce process.  Attorney Barnes or Attorney Leighton will provide you with information on traditional litigated or court divorce proceedings, collaborative divorce and divorce mediation.  You will also learn what to consider when deciding on property settlement or property division, custody and parenting plans, child support, spousal support, health and life insurance and college education for your children.

Attorney Murphy Barnes and Attorney Leighton will work to ensure that you are comfortable and informed about the divorce process and prepared for the future.  They have the experience and compassion necessary to guide you through the divorce process and to project realistic and sensible outcomes based on the laws of Massachusetts and the customs of the Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk and Suffolk County divorce judges.

If you would like more information about filing for divorce or beginning divorce proceedings please contact our office located in Salem, Massachusetts, to speak with a divorce attorney to assist you with your Massachusetts divorce proceeding.